Health Freak Mommy: Simple Lunch - 11 May 2017


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Friday, May 12, 2017

Simple Lunch - 11 May 2017

Our 'cincai' lunch yesterday comprising of 'recycled' food 😆

Nah, not exactly recycled, more of transforming unwanted overnight food into something more appetizing and delightful.  We had some leftover roast pork from the previous night. There was also a half red bell pepper sitting in the fridge. So the mil whipped up an aromatic fried rice using leftover Basmathi rice, roast pork, garlic, onions, bell pepper, carrots, sweet corn kernels (also sitting in the freezer for months), eggs, julienned ginger and lots of sesame seed oil. Yums!

I boiled an egg for the extra punch of protein and sliced up some cool kyuri and tomatoes.

Fruits of the day : papaya and organic Juliet apple

Supplements of the day: no other than Izumio and super power Super Lutein 👍💪💓

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