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Sunday, May 28, 2017

Pre-Admission To Hospital

This post is typed in the hospital. Today is my pre-admission day and the surgery is scheduled for tomorrow at 3pm.

Thank God a blood transfusion is not needed as my total blood count went up to a reading of 12 (from reading of 6 in January this year). After my blood test results were out and I've checked into the hospital, I went home for several hours.  My beloved parents arrived  from Ipoh today to give me moral support. They have always been my number one cheerleader ❤

At the hospital in the evening today...

My charges helping me with my luggage

My papa helping me place my luggage and paraphernalia

And my paparazzi mum furtively took all the pix here without our knowledge :D

Pic above - Cass helping me set up the laptop; pic below - the hubs taking a rest on the recliner bed in my single bedroom while Cass helps me to log in using the hospital WiFi.  

I an indeed blessed that I have my entire family to accompany me to the hospital and cheering me on.

My tummy is growling now and I am not allowed to eat until 7am. My last meal before the surgery must be before 8am tomorrow. I have gulped down my first dose of pico salax (pre surgery bowel prep) but nothing is out yet. How??  I guess I have to wait for the second dosage at 9pm,..

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