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Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Conversation With Cass

Before bedtime last night...

Cass - mum, you don't have to help me do anything. I can wash up myself. You just rest OK.

I then lay in bed and told her that I wanted to sleep early.  Later, Cass knelt down beside me and said this:

Cass - mum, don't you dare to swim or jog when we go back to school in 2 weeks ok?

Me - I will only walk around the condo compound VERY SLOWLY, ok?

Cass - NOPE! Don't you dare do it!  What if you fall down and hit your wound? You fell down before right?  You listen to me now. I am the mother and you are the baby girl now.

Me - oh yeah! What if I fall down yeah? I never thought of that. You're so smart.

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